About Us

SnapCuts’ interactive tools make it simple and fun for anyone to create video messages and send them to friends. Users ‘snap’ together video clips, add text, and share their creation via email, Facebook, Twitter and mobile text.  We also enable video rights holders and brands to create custom snapcuts experiences-- the ultimate in social media marketing.

  • Key Contacts

General inquiries:
1-877-SNAPCUTS or 1-877-609-5996
Let us know if you’d like to submit video or become a clips editor!

Business Development & Sales:, 323-854-3220
We’re happy to design a program that fits your business.

Media inquiries:

  • Mission

SnapCuts is committed to creating tools that allow anyone to communicate creatively using video. We believe everyone should be able to enjoy the fun of mixing video clips without frustration.  We value self-expression of all kinds—casual greetings, passionate opinions, artistic exploration and everything in between. Connecting through video empowers us all to participate fully in the digital age. We celebrate that.

  • SnapCuts Story

SnapCuts founder Bee Ottinger champions the democratization of media. A world renowned pioneer in video editing, she started the company while teaching video editing when she observed her students  her vision to evolve electronic communication hits the global marketplace just as video’s accessibility on mobile platforms and social networks is skyrocketing. Bee’s innovations in modern video editing to music have become the ubiquitous visual language used in commercials and music videos.  Her style is familiar through MTV Networks and videos featuring Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson, Cher, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez and many other artists, along with spots for Chrysler, Nike, Calvin Klein and Samsung, to name a few.